How to Start Your Own Car Valeting Business

car valeting imageWith so many cars in the on the road today in Harrogate town, a car valeting business is a lucrative business that you can earn good money. The business involves high end cleaning for the exterior and interior of cars. The service is a more up market compared to car wash which involves basic car cleaning. Car valeting involves a more in depth cleaning, followed by protective coatings such as wax. If you are looking forward to start a valeting business this article offers you some tips that will help you succeed in this venture.


Decide whether to offer mobile or fixed valeting

The first thing you need to do is to make an informed decision on whether you want your business to operate in a specific location or you will operate a mobile business. In the recent years, mobile valeting in Harrogate has become more popular because most car owners prefer this, because they do not have to make a special trip to get the services. On your side, you will have a larger market by operating mobile valeting, but you will need to be driving to a job, thus incurring extra cost in terms of time taken and fuel.

Another advantage of operating a mobile valeting is that the start up costs is lower compared to fixed valeting. You will avoid overhead costs such as water bills, electricity, lighting, cleaning and others making the operational cost low so you can offer the best car valeting Harrogate, North Yorkshire. This will go in a long way in helping you get higher profits. On the other hand, if you have fixed premises, you will be able to provide more complex services.


Services to provide

There are many car valeting services you can provide in your business, however you cannot provide all of them. So, it is good you decide the specific services that you will be offering in your business. To increase your customer base, you can decide to offer the repair and engineering work if you have the skills or employ someone with such knowledge. This will provide your business additional revenue which is key to your business growth. Take your time and make informed decision on the services to provide.


Start up cost

After you have decided the size of the business you want to start, it is time to consider if you have the capital required. The set up you want is the one that will determine the start up costs. If you do not have the required capital there are several sources you can seek for more funds such as loans. With high capital, you will be able to diversify your services leading to more income.



valeting car picDue to the fact that you will be dealing with expensive cars, you need to have an insurance cover. There is high potential for damage that can be costly and the machines used can cause severe injuries if used in the wrong way. Thus, make sure you have a more comprehensive policy to cover for such eventualities that may be costly.