How to Get Rid of Grey Hairs

grey hairAre you troubled with grey hairs and do not know how to get rid of them? Well you do not have to worry anymore, because grey hairs are common with many people and it is not a difficult problem to deal with. You can easily get rid of your grey hairs using the following techniques.


Check the Cause of the Condition

The first thing you need to do to eliminate the white hairs is to know what is the cause. In some cases, the hair may turn grey because of genetic or autoimmune condition. Some of the specific causes of grey hair include vitiligo and anemia. If your hair turns to grey color and get some of the symptoms associated with these conditions, you need to seek medical assistance.


Hair Coloring

Coloring is another perfect solution for getting rid of grey hair. You can decide to have an all over hair color to cover up any of the grey hair. This is the perfect solution in case your hair is almost 45 percent grey. You can also opt for semi permanent colors that last a few weeks or opt for the permanent colors that will offer sustainable solution until the hair grows out. If you are trying to match the hair color with the natural color of your hair, it is advisable to look for a hairdresser in Harrogate who will be able to do it professionally. In case you decide to do it at home, avoid kits containing ammonia, because this can dry out and damage your hair.


Use Highlights

Using highlights is another great option that will help cover up the white hairs instead of coloring your entire head. Highlights are great because they add subtle shine and color to the hair. They can also be bold and big, thus adding contrast and variety. It is good to note that highlights should be done by a professional hair dresser. Despite that they may be costly, they are long lasting compared to hair dyes.

Use Temporary Solutions

If you do not want to color your hair, there are other temporary solutions you can use. ยท You can use mascara which is a great way to cover up individual grey strands around the hair line. This will stay until the next time you shampoo the hair.


Apply root concealer which works as dry shampoo. The concealer is sold in aerosol form and can be applied on any grey hairs near the roots, where it adjusts to the natural color of your hair. If you do not know the best solution to get rid the grey hair, always seek advice from mobile hairdressers Harrogate North Yorkshire.